Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snippet from Last night's reading.

Howling at the Moon by Karen MacInerney
page 36-37.
Spoiler Alert: Minimal.

A low growl erupted from my throat as I padded around a rosebush and prepared to spring. I wouldn't do too much damage, I decided --just enough to scare the bejesus out of him. And get my purse back, of course.

Unfortunately, the creep chose that moment to pull something out his pocket. A second later, something twanged off the mailbox two feet away from me.

The little bugger had a gun!

Odds were in my favor that he wasn't packing silver bullets but I still wasn't too jazzed about being shot at. Lead bullets couldn't kill me, but they could leave nasty scars. There would be hospital visits, plastic surgery.. and I had enough to explain to Heath as it was.

Well, if Jerk-Off wanted to play hardball, I would too. A growl rose in my throat. I huddled down into a crouch... and sprang.

And hit the sidewalk snout-first.

My Sheer Night panty hose were caught on the rosebush.

I scrabbled backward, grabbing the nylon with my teeth --what the hell did Nordstrom put into this stuff? As I tugged at it, Jerk-Off took another shot, and a rose exploded next to my left ear. This was ridiculous. A guy without Playboy bunnies tattooed all over his body was shooting at me, and I was stuck on a panty-hose leash.

Such a funny scene! So far, only 44 pages into the book but really enjoying it.


SusiSunshine said...

I adore this series. This books are written with so much wit and fun. Sometime I just couldn't stop laughing. I'm really looking forward to getting Leader of the Pack- perhaps I'll reward myself with it next week.
Happy reading,

Wendy said...

Hi, Susi! So glad to hear that, I got all three books to review and it's great to hear good things about this series.

You should totally reward yourself with Leader of the Pack! :)

He can Chapter-32 me anytime!

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