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Review! The Jaguar Prince by Karen Kelley

The Jaguar Prince
Karen Kelley
March 30, 2010
ISBN-10: 0758238363
ISBN-13: 978-0758238368

Zoo worker Callie Jordan knows something primal when she sees it: take, for instance, the naked man sitting at the foot of her bed. He's the same (naked) guy she saw after hours at the zoo. But now he's in her apartment, and just happens to have turned into a black-as-night jaguar. The average person would be in a blind panic; Callie certainly intends to be - once she finishes processing what this incredibly hot lunatic is telling her...It seems Callie's visitor, the one who prefers skins to shirts, is Prince Rogar - from a place far, far away. Oh, and Callie is from the same place, has the same nifty shapeshifting powers, and is destined to be Rogar's lifemate! It figures the first hot guy ever to show a bit of interest turns out to be certifiable. Then again, Callie's seen Rogar's powers (plus some other choice things) firsthand - and testing her new roomie's powers of persuasion would be the ultimate walk on the wild side...
Callie Jordan is a zoo worker with big aspirations of working with the big cats. She wants to be around the jaguars and tigers instead of the bunnies and goats that she works with now. But she might end up a lot closer than she thought! Waking up next a random guy she thought she saw turn into a jaguar the previous night, Callie totally freaks out understandably. Turns out, he's a prince from another planet called New Symtaria who's a shifter and he's telling her she's a half-alien! And he's here to take her home. Rogar, that's his name, is determined to take Callie back home because she's in a danger. Apparently, there's another alien running around killing people who are half-alien because he's a psycho about keeping the bloodline pure and since Callie is part human, she is an abomination to him.

But Callie is not crazy about moving to another planet, she doesn't even know if she really even believes Rogar! Well, until he turns into a jaguar right in front of her. But still moving to another planet? When she's so close to getting what she wants: working with the cats. However, Callie and Rogar are extremely attracted to each other and things might be getting hot real soon.

I think The Jaguar Prince is a decompressing book and I don't think I've ever described a story like that. What I mean is, if you're looking for a funny and cute book, this is it. Callie and Rogar have good chemistry together and it was fun to see them interact, and of course, there are some really funny moments. What I kept wondering about was why I felt so disconnected from the story. Was it me or was it the writing that wasn't making me care about what happened to Callie and Rogar? I could have stopped reading the story right in the middle and wouldn't have wondered about what happened to them. The characters just weren't memorable, and they seemed very one-dimensional at times. I think that as long as you start reading this story not expecting to find a deep meaningful story or characters that seem to come alive but a cute story about aliens then you'll enjoy it. The Jaguar Prince will make you laugh at times and Callie and Rogar is really cute together. Overall, I enjoyed reading this tale. 

Lush Rating: 3!

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