Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On My Wishlist! (2)

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Flirting with Forever
March 30th
Pocket Books

Ava Stratford has piqued more than reader interest with her sexy, tell-all biographies of seventeenth-century painters. She has also aroused the anger of the deceased in the art world. Unlike her readers, these dead artists know she uses a long-lost time portal to uncover the secrets of history's bad boys. When she sees the breathtaking and provocative portraits of half-clothed noblewomen produced by Sir Peter Lely, Ava dons her period travel garb, determined to dig up a great story. What she doesn't know is that Lely has been recruited to return to his life on Earth, intent on protecting his secrets and mastering the woman who has captured his heart.

I first heard about this book on Katie's blog and immediately added it to my wishlist! I LOVE the cover - the dress! the glasses! the SHOES! - it's just fabulous and the blurb sounds awesome so hello! I want this book and it sucks that I have to wait until March! 


The Queen B said...

LOL, looks like a book you'd like :P

Anna ♥ said...

I love the cover! It's so soft and pretty. :D

inthehammockblog said...

This looks so good!! Great cover!

Gwyn Cready said...

As the author, I'd like to say that I, too, agree this is a beautiful cover. And, believe me, in the author world, you don't always get covers you love, but this one is fantastic.

Thanks, Wendy, for mentioning this on your blog (and on my blog.)

Gwyn Cready

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