Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TBR Pile

Too funny - when I don't have any books to read, I bitch about that. When I have quite a few (this picture is missing fifteen (!) I'm waiting for) I'm like WHOA. But I can't wait to read every single one.

P.S.: And yes, that mug does say: TRUST ME, I'M A NURSE. Heh. Just feel lucky I got all my other crap out of the way or you wouldn't be able to see the books!


RachaelfromNJ said...

Ah bookies. Aren't they wonderful? Just like me now, an addict huh? LOL Look what I've done to you! 15 coming? OOO prizes and review books?

Wendy said...

You've turned me into an addict!! LOL. Both! 5 (I think) to review, most of the others from Debs' contest.

He can Chapter-32 me anytime!

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