Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Snippet from Last night's reading.

Millie's Fling
Jill Mansell
Page 120-121

At five-thirty, peering out from behind Hester's bedroom curtains, Millie spotted his car slowing to a halt outside the house. She instantly threw herself, sniper-style, down on the floor.

He ran the doorbell and waited. Checking first that she wasn't in. Just being polite, thought Millie. Mustn't, mustn't answer the door.

Scuttling crab-like across Hester's bedroom carpet, she crawled out on to the landing and watched, nose to the ground, as the metal flap was pushed open and a scarlet satin strap appeared through the letterbox. For a moment she imagined grabbing it and giving him a fright. Heavens, having a tussle over her bra, how immature, the very thought of it.

The next moment a flash of fuchsia-pink appeared next to Hugh's dark outline through the frosted glass of the front door. Millie froze in alarm as she heard Hester said perkily, 'Well, hi! I know who you are!'

Bugger, bugger. It was half past five and Hester -with her customary hideous timing- had picked this moment to arrived home from work. Worse still -oh God- she was being perky.

'I know who you are too,' said Hugh.

The letterbox rattled, the bra strap twitched.

'And are you here stealing underwear,' Hester brightly enquired, 'or delivering it?'

'I wouldn't steal this bra,' Millie heard Hugh say gravely. 'It's not my size.'

'Oh, ha ha ha ha ha.' trilled Hester, overdoing it as usual.

'Millie left it in my car. It fell out of her bag,' Hugh explained.

'But isn't she in? It's half past five, she should be in!'

'I tried the bell. No answer.'

'Well you can't just post a bra through our letterbox and rush off!' exclaimed Hester. 'Millie was worried she'd never see you again!'

Up on the landing Millie let out a low moan and banged her forehead despairingly -but quietly- against the carpet.

I'm highly enjoying Millie's Fling, such a cute story and god! I love the cover. My proper review will be coming soon. Annnd maybe even a giveaway!


RachaelfromNJ said...

I just read the whole piece you posted. That's really cute and gives me a good taste for her writing! Very funny. I like!! :)

Wendy said...

Her writing's very fresh and funny, you should read this one! :)

He can Chapter-32 me anytime!

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