Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review: Dial Emmy for Murder by Eileen Davidson

Dial Emmy for Murder: A Soap Opera Mystery
Eileen Davidson
June 2, 2009
ISBN-10: 0451228251

Soap operas can get so dirty

Tabloids and fans are stunned when daytime soap opera star Alexis Peterson leaves her show. She’s too busy with her new job as presenter at the Daytime Emmy® Awards to even notice. But when a co-presenter goes missing on award night, Alexis is determined to find who is killing Hollywood’s biggest and brightest before another burns out…

Dial Emmy for Murder is perfect for when you want to read something light but with substance. Alex is an actress but when someone she knows almost drops on her lap dead - literally! - she can't help but be determined to help the hunkie Detective Jakes found who did it. What she soon founds out is that a murderer won't take an actress helping the police found him or her lightly..

While I enjoyed reading this mystery, I did have some issues with it. At times, the writing fell rushed, there was very little description and the characters were two-dimensional, at best. However, the romance between Alex and Jakes is cute and the mystery of whodunit was pretty great. I wanted to know who did it and that's what kept me reading.

The plot was pretty cool, the character development was a little weak but overall, I did enjoy reading Dial Emmy for Murder. It's a perfectly light, quick read that'll entertain those looking for a mystery with some romance thrown in!


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