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Review: Stolen Seduction by Elisabeth Naughton

Stolen Seduction (Book 3 in the Stolen Trilogy)
Elisabeth Naughton
Love Spell
December 29, 2009 
ISBN-10: 0505527952

A missing bronze holds the key to a decade’s-old murder. To prove her innocence, she’ll have to partner up with the sexy homicide detective who has the power to steal more than her freedom—if she’s not careful, he may just steal her heart…(from author's site)
All Hailey Roarke wants is to be left alone by her family. She's not interested in the family fortune, which is why she became a cop and just wants to live her normal life without all the family drama. But when her dad dies and leaves her a mysterious message concerning hidden statues and deciphering a code, she can't help but get involved. Hailey goes to Chicago, where her multi-millionaire family is, to try to find out what her dad's message was about and why she got it. However, she soon finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation; her cousin is dead and all evidence points to her.

To make matter worse, Shane Maxwell, is the detective in charge. Hailey and Shane met months ago at a wedding and while they both went their separate ways, their attraction for each other never lessened and they never stopped thinking about each other. Now that they're in close proximity, the sparks are flying but there's something sinister going on that's bigger than they could ever imagine. Now, Shane and Hailey are smack in the middle of a global hunt started by her late father and they have to trust each other or they won't survive.

Stolen Seduction is the third in Naughton's Stolen series and in my opinion, the best yet! The chemistry between Hailey and Shane comes off the page and it's so steamy. Reading how they're slightly reticent about trusting each other at first but having to start was very enjoyable to read. The treasure hunt and finding out who was behind the murder kept me on the edge of my seat all along, I really wanted to find out who was orchestrating the murders and why. Stolen Seduction's a very fun, adventurous, and sexy book and I highly recommend it.

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Mandi said...

I have Stolen Fury in my tbr...these sound like fun books :)

Leontine said...

I still have Stolen Heat to read but I already look forward to the release of Stolen Seduction :)

Wendy said...

Hey girls! You should totally read Naughton's, they're really fun!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Love the review. Sounds like the kinda of story I love seeing made in to tv movies. Weird I know but I love tv movies.

Smokinhotbooks said...

I've been on such a PNR and UF book train lately, I need some more variety! Sexy and adventrous always make for a great read *wink wink*. Great Review!

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