Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've turned into a reading nut.


Normally I'm a one-book-at-a-time sort of reader but lately, well, I've been reading up to five - 5! - books at time. It's insane because personally, I like to focus on one book and don't cheat on it with others. It seems that the minute I get a new book I want to start it immediately and pushed aside my current read. I pushed aside Kiss & Hell to read Never Cry Werewolf then when I got Ballad (Oops! My bad, I meant RAMPANT but I did order Ballad so I can't wait for that one too!), I did the same with with K&H and NCW then! I got Hush, Hush.

Do I even have to say it?

It's not that I don't want to read the other books, not at all! That's the thing - I'm greedy to read them ALL. I just would rather do it one at a time but I can't seem to help myself nowadays.

Admittedly when I get a book for purely reviewing purposes and I'm in the middle of a book that while I'll be reviewing, it wasn't sent just for that, I'll put that one aside and start the Review Book. I'm a nut about that and I admit it. But none of these books that I'm dividing my attention with currently were sent for reviews!

I'm hoping that once I finished all of these books, I stopped the craziness. I'm hoping even more that I don't get Shiver before I get a chance to finish H&K, NCW and Ballad Rampant because you just know I'll start reading that one immediately.

Does this happen to you too? If so, how do you control yourself? (Clearly, I have NO self-control when it comes to books!)


Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

Wendy you are too funny :) I haven't done that just yet but do find myself carrying books EVERYWHERE now, sneaking a page or two whene ever I can. Having great books waiting for me is a great motivator! I can't wait to read Ballad too ;)

Tales of Whimsy said...

I'm totally the opposite.
Sometimes (even after I've finished a book) - I feel unready to give my self to the next book 'cause I'm still dwelling in the bliss that was the book I just read.
Nutty right?
Guess we're all a bit nutty ;)

Wendy said...

Mel - I used to do that too! But my job(s) don't take well to me bringing books with me, lol.

Juju - OMG! Sometimes if the book is REALLY good I'll do that too!

We're all a bunch of nuts! Heeh.

Enchanted by Books said...

Aww Wendy you're too cute! I can just picture a new book coming in the mail every day and you sitting there trying to focus on the one you're reading. But then the box starts saying ''WENDYYYYY OPEEENN MEEEE.'' And you're like NO I am reading this book, not you! And then you open it and it's powers overtake you and you put aside the book you're reading for it. LOL

ParaJunkee said...

It just gets worse my dear...especially now that I have picked up the habit of reading on my iPhone kindle. I 2 ARCs that I need to review under deadline. I have the one on my kindle (for working out - its hard to get that paperback to stay on the little shelf!) and I have the paperback that I am reading "for fun". Not to mention the one for the BWB...which I haven't gotten in the mail yet. Oh did I mention I'm also reading Alice in Wonderland to my two year old???? Let the craziness begin. - Love the thought provoking commentary! - Parajunkee

SusiSunshine said...

I've got a pile of books I started and after 4 weeks of not reading a word I put them back in the shelf. Sometimes so many good books at the same time come into my lair that I just can't decide which one to strat first. Had this problem with Covet and On the Edge this week. I started Covet and now I think it would have been better to start OTE. But I'm strong and will finish it before starting the next. See: Me = very strong *muahah*

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