Friday, May 7, 2010

Too Much Reading? No way!

The ratio between my reading and shellin' out reviews is sadly lacking. As in, I have been on a read-a-thon and my pile of books to write reviews about is increasing at a panic-inducing rate.

I never thought I'd say this but.. I need to STOP reading. Until I start on my reviews, TBL will be lackin' in the postage. Has this ever happened to you?! I'm afraid I'm going end up paying somebody to kidnap me and tie me up in front my laptop so I can write my reviews.


Book Crazy Jenn said...

You know, it has not happened to me, well maybe once - but honestly I TRY really hard to read, and write a review when I am done, or at least get my thoughts out ASAP - I feel guilty if I dont, like I might forget something important I NEEDED to say - if I don't so while it drives me nuts, sometimes - like tonight when I finished one and I was ready THEN to pick up the next, I TRY to write how I am feeling down before starting another...

Though with the series Changeling I did I have 2 books in the series reviewed together because I could not totally remember what happened in both - woops! :D

Kara said...

I am in the same fix as you!!! Ever since I participated in the online read-a-thon, I haven't been able to stop reading to write my reviews. I've got such a huge stack to get through.

This is so different from last year when I went through a 2 month reading slump!!! LOL

Lynette said...

So funny. Hope your writing your reviews this weekend!

Wendy said...

Jenn - That's what my mom tells me! (I've moaned about my inability to write a review right after I read a book to her) and I do get it but.. I just continue reading! Arrrgh.. But in my defense, I'm pretty good at remembering how a book made me feel and what I thought about it, etc but still..

Kara - LOL! I hope you get your reviews done, I've written one-ish, still got like 5 to go..

Lynette - Thanks! :)

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