Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Broooooke!

Today is That's QUEEN Bitch to you aka Brooke aka the Bestest GF EVAH's birthday! She's turning er, 28? Okay, we'll go with 22.. So let's wish her a wonderful birthday with lots of yummy men and hot cake. Wait, what?


SusiSunshine said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!
I hope you have a wonderful fantastic day!

Stacy~ said...

Hey, have a fabulous birthday, Brooke. I hope it's filled with all of your favorite things ;)

Sparklybearsy said...

Have a wonderful Birthday Brooke!! xoxoxo *huggles*

Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!! Wendy picked a smexy man for you..LOL

The Queen B said...

Ahahaha! Thank you baby!!
Hey, how did you get a pic of my hubby? *looks suspicious*

Thanks Susi, Stacy, Bearsy, and Mandi for the bday wishes!


Wendy said...

You're totes welcome, sweets! Er, he sent it to me! :P

Glory said...

Happy birthdayy!!!!

have a sexy day! ;)

He can Chapter-32 me anytime!

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