Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review! Beautiful Americans.

Beautiful Americans
Lucy Silag
November 12, 2009
ISBN-10: 1595142274
Young Adult.

What happens in Paris...

PJ's deep blue eyes and angelic long blond hair conceal a truth that's anything but. Will her dark past stay where it belongs in the backwoods of Vermont, or haunt her in the city of light?


Always the good girl, Olivia plans to twirl her way to the top of the Parisian ballet scene. But that's not supposed to include dancing on a table all night...or stumbling into the arms of the wrong boy.


With his emo-trendy bedhead, hilarious comebacks and Southern drawl, Zack could win over anyone. Too bad he's after the only one who's forbidden...


All Alex wants from Paris is to nab that berry-red Dior coat and seduce the perfect penny-loafer-wearing boy - and Alex always gets what she wants. But will her scheming pay off? Or is she risking more than she knows...?

Alex, Olivia, Zack and PJ are spending a year at the prestigious Lycée de Monceau in the sparkling city of Paris. This is their chance to sip cafe au lait in Le Marais, throw secret parties in their host families' Versailles-size apartments, and have the time of their lives. But when the secrets they thought they left behind come out, everything could be ruined... [From Goodreads]
Beautiful Americans is the story of four teenagers in Paris and how their paths crossed. I wasn't so sure I was going to like it but I was definitely surprised. Each one - PJ, Olivia, Zack, and Alex - has their own individual characteristics, flaws and of course, secrets they're trying to keep hidden. While I enjoyed reading about PJ's insecurities, Zack's difficulty coming to terms with himself or Alex's attention-grabbing antics, I think Olivia, the ballet dancer from California stole my heart. She's a really strong character and I loved her part of the story.

This story is told in four different points of views, which admittedly, at first can be a bit confusing but as I continued reading, it became easier to differentiate between all four, and keep track of what was going on. Each chapter is titled after which of the four is about so that helps too. The story definitely has that Gossip Girl feel to it, which makes things even more fun!

Beautiful Americans has it all - friendships, romance, secrets - and I really enjoyed reading it. It is the first in a trilogy, followed by Wanderlust and Experienced.


SusiSunshine said...

Sounds good. I'm easily confused by changing POV's but I think this book could be worse the risk!

natalierenae said...

I haven't heard a whole lot about this one, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll have to add it to by TBR list! Thanks for following my blog. I'm now following you too :)

Natalie @ Mindful Musings

Nina said...

Sounds very good. Never heard of this book before, but i do like the cover. It sounds like a fun book. :)

Lucy said...

Hi Lush! Love the blog. Thanks for this great review! WANDERLUST comes out in just another month or so, and I am going to be giving away a free copy on my site, www.lucysilag.com. Check it out sometime!


Smokinhotbooks said...

I love multiple POV's but this is probably due to my schizophrenia. Wait, TMI?

Great post *wave*

Becky said...

This sounds different. I'm adding it to my wishlist which makes a total of five books added today alone. I love the idea of a ballet dancer too. My sister will go crazy for this. I just know it! Thanks, an awesome review.

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