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Review! Wicked Enchantment by Anya Bast

Wicked Enchantment (Dark Magick, #1)
Anya Bast
January 5th, 2010
ISBN-10: 0425232018
ISBN-13: 978-0425232019
When you’re a half incubus, your reputation precedes you… 
All eyes are on Gabriel Mac Braire the day he makes his first appearance in the Seelie Court, including those of Aislinn Finvarra. Despite deep bitterness over her last failed relationship, Aislinn cannot help but be curious about the half incubus who is known to possess dark magick, both lethal and sexual in nature. Rumors abound of the women who have become enslaved to his irresistible charms.   

So when the Summer Queen of the fae orders Aislinn herself to act as his guide in the court, she is understandably on guard. She’s fallen under the spell of far less persuasive men before. In addition, Gabriel might be more than he seems and his true mission is far from innocent.  

This time, Aislinn must protect not only her heart, but her very life…

Wicked Enchantment is the first book in the Dark Magick series by Bast and an incredibly engaging story! Both the Unseelie and Seelie courts are stuck together in this town called Piefferburg jailed by an unbreaking curse done by a race of druids called the Phaendir. Due to this, they have to learn to uneasily co-exist together. Aislinn Finvarra is part of the Seelie, actually called Rose, Court while Gabriel Mac Braire is part of the Black, you guess it - Unseelie, Court. Well, until he shows up at the Rose Court and petitions to migrate over from the Black.

Aislinn is more than suspicious of Gabriel, not only is he from the Black but he's also part incubus and those are well known for their lethal sexual powers. Aislinn's plan far away from Gabriel explodes in her face when the Summer Queen appoints her as his escort who is to show him around for a week until the Queen makes her decision on whether to accept him into the Rose, or not. 

But things are not what they seem, and Aislinn and Gabriel soon finds themselves smack in the middle of deadly plot that just might get them killed.

Like I said in the beginning, I really enjoyed reading Wicked Enchantment. I thought the story behind how both courts got stuck together to be really original and fascinating. The chemistry between Aislinn and Gabriel is explosive and both of them grow as characters as the story progresses. There are some very hot scenes but it certainly doesn't overshadow the plot itself. Wicked Enchantment will draw the reader in from the very start and I absolutely can't wait to read the next installment in this great new series. 


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Great review!!! I'm dying to read this new series!

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Great review, it sounds like a good book to read :)

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